1. Ergonomics For General Health And Safety Practitioner
  2. HSE Management Systems
  3. Hazard and Effects Management Process
  4. The Risk Assessment Matrix and Hazard Analysis
  5. Environmental Issues and Environmental Management
  6. Environmental Resources and Aspects
  7. Forms Of Pollution and Pollution Control
  8. Environmental Effects Of Air Pollution and Soil Pollution
  9. Oil Spillage and Sources of Oil Spills
  10. Waste Management and Principles of Waste Management (5 Steps)
  11. Waste Management Concept and Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  12. Key Features and Content of a Health
  13. Advanced principles of health and safety
  14. Implementation of health and safety management system
  15. Understanding HSE statistics and records
  16. Appreciating the importance of security management
  17. Risk assessment methodologies
  18. Understanding safety measures while performing hazardous tasks ( working at height, confined space entry, hot jobs, chemicals)
  19. Understanding the relations between companies and host communities (CLO responsibilities)
  20. Journey management and transportation safety
  21. Accident investigation (root cause analysis)
  22. Basic fire fighting, prevention and rescue
  23. Understanding environmental impact and waste management
  24. Introduction to pediatric first aid and CPR


On completion of this course, participant will be certified as safety supervisors and receive the advance HSE competence certification. this certificate allows you to work as a safety supervisors and qualifies you to enroll as for the position of HSE manager course.