1. Introduction To The Balanced Scorecard
  2. Overview Of The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
  3. Building The Balanced Scorecard
  4. Implementing The Balanced Scorecard
  5. Next Steps
  6. Getting Your Scorecard On Track
  7. Introduction Advanced Balanced Scorecard Course Outline
  8. Evaluation To Assessment
  9. Advanced Strategic Foundations Development
  10. Advanced Objective And Strategy Map Development
  11. Advanced Performance Management – Measure What Matters
  12. Measurement Definition, Implementation And Visualization
  13. Strategic Initiative Prioritization And Management
  14. Advanced Scorecard Alignment And Cascading
  15. Managing And Sustaining A Balanced Scorecard


This training is to enable participant to understand the major concepts and 4 pillars of balances scorecard, to focus around the key requirement and metrics of the business also to enable participants to implements a sturdy performance review consistently learning to formulate organizational strategy and plans. aligning yourself with organizational plans and goals, effectively communicating data and plans to different levels.