• What is Negotiation?
  • Preparing the Negotiations
  • In the room: the actual negotiation stage
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Countering manipulation and psychological press
  • Post-negotiation stage
  • Special negotiation stage
  • Understanding the need for negotiation skills in business
  • Identifying the characteristics of a good negotiator
  • Identifying individual negotiating styles
  • Knowing and applying the steps in the negotiation process
  • Explaining strategies that could be used in negotiation
  • Preparation – information gathering and goal setting
  • Developing communication skills essential to negotiate successfully
  • Gaining confidence – demonstrating persuasive and assertiveness techniques
  • Achieving the best deal/outcome possible



This training course will focus on equipping its participants with the relevant negotiation skills required to reach a mutual agreement. This course will explain the possible negotiation outcomes, negotiation process, negotiation style adoption and adaptation, negotiation strategies and monitoring of negotiation.

This training has been designed for participants whose responsibility demand that they engage in frequent negotiations. it includes practical exercise.