1. Types of rigs
  2. Rig moves
  3. Primary components of offshore rigs – hoisting, pumping, rotating
  4. Down hole drilling tools
  5. Geology overview
  6. Overburden, pore pressure and fracture gradient
  7. Well planning
  8. Drilling fluids
  9. Cementing
  10. Well design
  11. Review of steel properties
  12. Casing design
  13. Well controls
  14. Drill string design
  15. Directional drilling


This course gives participants an in depth understanding of the functions and operations of rigs and wells. it examines the refinery system and functions alongside equipment and the role of the refinery operator. it also examines the impact of each stages of the drilling process on the environment and other topics such as well control, well designs, drill string design, casing designs.