1. Introduction to drilling operations and Well Control Mathematics
  2. Government, Industry, and Company Rules, Orders and Policies, including as an Supervisor, appreciation of interrelationship between Petroleum operations and industrial operations related to drilling and maintenance of wells
  3. Well Planning
  4. Pressure Concepts and Calculations
  5. Gas Characteristics and Behavior
  6. Well Control Principles, including maintenance of wells
  7. Procedures
  8. Simulator Exercises
  9. Well Control Equipment
  10. Actions Upon Taking A Kick
  11. Preparation & Prevention
  12. Well Control/Kill Techniques
  13. Simulator Exercises
  14. Well Control Complications
  15. Specific Environments
  16. Subsea Operations
  17. Simulator Exercises
  18. Special Situations
  19. Case Studies



This course is designed for graduates of any discipline willing to build a drilling career, rough necks, derrick men, and anyone attending formal well control training for the first time. the content is intended to prepare candidates for higher level well control courses and candidates are required to complete an accredited training course prior to being assessed through a written test.