1. Introduction
  2. Training Objectives
  3. How Your Body Performs Physical Work
  4. Musculo-Skeletal Injury
  5. Disorders
  6. Identification of Ergonomic Risk
  7. Maximize Neutral Postures and Avoid Awkward Postures
  8. Adjust Chair
  9. Keyboard
  10. Lighting
  11. Workplace
  12. Reduce Forces Needed to Do the Job
  13. Provide a Comfortable Environment
  14. Take Care of Yourself!
  15. Apply Ergonomic Principles to Your Job
  16. Summary


The primary aim of this training program is to increase your knowledge of ergonomics in order to recognize potential ergonomics problem in your office environment. the program will explain a number of common ergonomics risks factor that are easily identified and recognized at a typical office workstation.