1. Introduction & History of Pigging
  2. What is a ‘Pig’?
  3. Development and reasons for use
  4. Different types of pig
  5. Pig Traps
  6. Launch & Receive of Pigs
  7. When & Why do you Pig
  8. Review of Utility Pigs
  9. Feasibility and assessment processes for pigging projects
  10. Operational Conditions
  11. Effects on pig selection and feasibility
  12. Developing a Cleaning & Proving Pig Program Plan
  13. Planning a Pigging Project up to and including Inspection Pigging
  14. HSE during Pigging Projects & Environmental
  15. Safety Aspects
  16. Inspection Tools
  17. Pig Running
  18. Signaling
  19. Tracking
  20. Stuck pig
  21. Documentation and Record Keeping
  22. Pig Inspection Data Reports
  23. Planning and carrying out Verification digs
  24. Overview of Unpiggable Pipelines
  25. Intelligent Pigging
  26. History of Intelligent Pigging
  27. Types of Intelligent or Smart Pigging
  28. Using smart Pigs in Integrity Management Programs



The purpose of these course is to develop in participant a working knowledge of how to clean a pipeline by inserting a cleaning device, commonly known as pig, at one end of the pipeline pressure to carry it to the other end. participant will gain an understanding of cleaning process as the pig travels through the pipe and scrapes the inner wall of the pipe to remove any buildup unwanted material.