Module-1 Piping Design and Engineering (fundamentals)

  • Introduction to piping designing & engineering
  • Evolution of piping
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Piping materials and selection
  • Pipe dimensioning
  • Schedule numbers
  • Common piping abbreviations
  • Major organizations for standards
  • Commonly American code in piping ASME/ANSI
  • Common abbreviations etc

Module-2 Basic Piping components required

  • Type of Fittings – elbows, weld tee, stub in, couplings, reducers, weld cap, screwed and socket welded fittings, Pipe nipples, flanged fittings and use of fittings
  • Type Flange -Types, P-T ratings and facings.
  • Gaskets, bolts and nuts.
  • Major Valves – Types, Materials operations, applicability, codes and specifications.

Module-3 Piping Equipment

  • Horizontal vessels/accumulators
  • fractionation columns, pumps
  • heat exchangers
  • re-boiler
  • air cooled heat exchanger
  • cooling towers
  • heaters/boilers
  • storage tanks
  • fractional distillation process and vendor data drawings
  • Prepare layout of Different type lights

Module-4 Piping Engineering flow diagram and its concept

  • Uses of flow diagrams, process flow diagrams
  • mechanical flow diagrams, utility flow diagrams
  • piping symbols
  • line symbols
  • valve symbols
  • piping isometrics
  • general arrangement drawings- sections/elevations/ detail drawings
  • plot plan procedures

Module-5 Process system

  • Purpose of P&ID’S
  • study of P&ID’S
  • stages of development of P&ID’S
  • process and instrumentation diagrams
  • process equipments
  • symbols usage according to industrial practices
  • Purpose of P&ID in process industrial/plants.

Module-6 Basic knowledge of applicable standards

  • ASME/ANSI Codes & Specification
  • Specification classes
  • Piping abbreviations
  • General abbreviations


Module-7 Designing & engineering of Piping Diagram in software

  • Plant Co-ordinate Systems
  • Site Plans, Unit Plot Plan
  • Equipment Location Drawing
  • Foundation Location Drawing
  • Pipe Rack Spacing
  • Drawing pipe in the rack
  • pipe insulation shoes, pipe guides
  • field supports, dummy supports
  • hanger rods
  • spring hangers
  • pick-up pipe supports
  • plant utilities
  • control valve manifolds
  • utility stations
  • sewer and under ground piping system

Module-8 ASME Engineering

  • Pipe wall thickness calculations
  • operating pressure
  • design pressure
  • operating & design temperature
  • max allowable operating pressure

Module-9 ASME pressure design

  • Pipe, elbows
  • mitre bends
  • reinforcement pad calculation for branch connections
  • flanges
  • blanks
  • reducers
  • expansion joints and gaskets

Software Designing:

  • AutoCAD : Drawing Creation ( P&ID, PFD, Layouts, and all fabrication Drawings)
  • Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis.
  • Stress- Strain relationship, analysis like- why piping components fail.
  • Classification of loads- sustained load & occasional load.

Requirements of ASME B31.3 code for process piping, stress intensification factors, thermal analysis using Kellogg charts.

  • Piping stress, causes, impacts, stress categories like- thermal stress, longitudinal stress, hoop stress and allowable stresses.
  • Equipment Modeling.
  • Pipe Routing.
  • Equipment Modeling.


This course aim comprehensively at providing a systematic development of skills and knowledge of piping with international standard.