• Sketch/drawing production and interpretation
  • Mathematics for Plumbing/Pipefitting
  • Commonly used codes and symbols
  • Installation of a domestic gas piping systems
  • Cold water systems and fittings
  • Brazing copper pipes
  • Types of discharges
  • Safety, Knots and Rigging
  • Practical jointing and installation work
  • Plumbing/Pipefitting Science and Technology
  • Introduction to Heating Systems
  • Fundamentals to Steam Boilers
  • Basic Tools and Materials




The program will cover the general concept and practices required to launch a pro career in plumbing and pipe fitting. student will gain an in depth understanding of the scientific and mathematical concept employed in plumbing and pipe fitting trades. you will be able to produce and interpret the basic drawings/ piping sketches most commonly used at work sites.