1. The threats facing the maritime industry.
  2. What is security?
  3. Understanding the ISPS Code and the changes to SOLAS.
  4. Security Levels – coordination with port facilities and the company fleet.
  5. Arranging Port Facility Security Assessments & Plans including managing Port Facility Security Surveys.
  6. Monitoring the performance of Port Facility Security personnel and security activities.
  7. Monitoring security training programmes and drills.
  8. Assist with the prevention of stowaways.
  9. Understanding, specifying and purchasing security equipment.
  10. Countering the threat of smuggling.
  11. Handling and protection of security sensitive information.
  12. Firearms and their use onboard ships and in ports.
  13. Ensuring compliance with the ISPS Code.



This course provides port and terminal security officers with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with security risks at port facilities / terminals. it equips them with the competence to identify threats and deploy required containment measures. participants will become acquainted with the port facility security measures mandated by the maritime transportation act of 2002