Identify and planning documents

Business/organisational requirements,  methods and standards

Writing protocols, for internal and external communications



Audience and document purpose

Understand the intended audience?

Identify the purpose of the document

Determine the information for inclusion in the document

Covering key points

Conveying accurate information

How do you want the reader to use these key messages?


Format and structure

Guidelines for formatting and layout

Identify the organisation’s preferred document style or layout


Drafting and editing


Grammar & spelling

The plain English approach

Writing in an active voice

Adopting a positive tone

Sentence and paragraph construction

Commonly confused words


Terminology and jargon

Politically correct language



Effective email

Business/organisational procedures and protocols

Electronic communication

Managing your emails

Recording emails


Planning into action

Determining your own action plan



This course explains the fundamental of business writing during the hands on workshop taught in an interactive format, the program introduces several practical tools writers can use to make their document understandable. during this course, participants can expect to write review, and edit documents.