1. Introduction to Caesar II
  2. Piping Input
  3. Static Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Piping Code Theory Basics
  • Primary and Secondary stresses
  • Creating Input Data
  • Design for Pulping Loads
  • Modeling of Pulping System
  • Editing the Model
  • Supporting of Pulping System
  • Sustained and Expansion Stress
  • Design Code Requirement
  • Friction Effects
  • Adding Flexible Connection
  1. Static Output


This course guides the participant step by step as they learn to model piping geometry, error check and analyze it, it is specifically designed training program that takes participants through modelling and piping codes, using CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software. This course then presents all phases of use, including modelling, performing static analysis, review of results performing equipment code check, design of spring supports and expansion joint, underground pipes steel structures and dynamic analysis.