• Module 1: Introduction to Project Communications Management
  • Overview of Project Communications Management
  • Project Communications Management Processes


  • Module 2/3: Identify Stakeholders
  • Overview of the Identify Stakeholders Process
  • Inputs to Identify Stakeholders Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Identify Stakeholders Process
  • Outputs from the Identify Stakeholders Process


  • Module 4: Distribute Information
  • Overview of the Distribute Information Process
  • Inputs to the Distribute Information Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Distribute Information Process
  • Outputs from the Distribute Information Process



This program will examine various change management techniques and explore arranged management models that could be effectively implemented in the organization. The structured approach help to understand the dealings with change as an individual, as a member of a team or organization and as a leader. The course will further develop some of the knowledge of change management learned during the foundation. delegate will also consider what learning is required and how best to design and deliver.