1. Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Level I & II
  2. Liquid Penetrant Testing NAS 410 (PT) Level I & II
  3. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Level I & II
  4. Magnetic Particle Testing NAS 410 (MT) Level I & II
  5. Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing Combined (PT/MT) Level I & II
  6. Radiographic Testing (RT) Level I & II
  7. Digital Radiographic Testing (DR) Level III
  8. Digital Radiographic Testing with Digital Detector Arrays (DDA) Level II
  9. Digital Radiographic Testing with Computed Radiography (CR) Level II
  10. Radiographic Interpretation: Advanced (RT) Level II
  11. Radiation Safety (RS)
  12. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Level I & II
  13. Visual Testing (VT) Level I & II


This NDT training course is to cut wide or give comprehensive understanding of the process where test are conducted on a component without destroying the item or its structure.