• Introduction to PV-Elite, basic modelling (horizontal vessel, vertical tower), materials.
  • Comparison code criteria, USA, UK and Europe.
  • Convert ASME VII design to EN 13445
  • Loads analysis to WRC 107
  • Local stress analysis using Code Calc
  • Dealing with fatigue
  • Legs, lugs and jackets
  • Fitness for purpose exercises according to API 579
  • Composite Vessel design
  • Heat exchanger with fixed tube sheet
  • Heat exchanger with submerged floating head
  • Heat exchanger with U-tube bundle

Basic Vessel Components & Analysis

  •  Internal pressure on cylinders and heads
  •  External pressure on cylinders and heads
  •  Nozzle reinforcement and weld strength
  •  Cones and Conical sections
  •  Spherically dished covers
  •  Brittle fracture requirements on carbon steels

Additional Vessel Components & Analysis

  •  Weld neck, slip-on, and ring flanges
  •  Blind flanges and flat heads
  •  Tube sheets, including the TEMA fixed tube sheet requirements
  •  Flanged and fluid and metal bellows expansion joints
  •  Stresses in shells due to loads on attachments
  •  Rectangular vessels



At the end of the training, the participant should be to do practical networking and connections of working systems.