• Fundamentals of shipping
  • Sea port operations
  • Customs / sea port interface
  • Pre / Post shipment documentation
  • Cargo operations
  • Shipping & International Logistics
  • Evolution & role of logistics in business
  • How logistics should fit in the Corporate & Supply Chain Organizations.
  • Total Logistics Costs Analysis & Ratios.
  • Logistics Productivity Indicators.
  • Benchmarking for logistics & supply chain management.
  • Logistics & Supply Chain mega trends.
  • Inventory & The Supply Chain Management
  • Planning System (MRP)
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Time Compression in the Supply Chain
  • Eliminating Waste in the Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Re-engineering & Application


This training has been described as the planning and coordination of the activities necessary to achieve desired levels of services at the lowest possible cost. this program explores key managerial tasks that should be coordinated and controlled to achieve efficient logistics and supply chain organization. it focuses on helping participants gain new insights into the application of tools and how this can transform their competitive position.