1. Definition and history of EIA
2. EIA processes and tools
3. EIA for air and noise
4. EIA for soil and land use
5. EIA for water quality & quantity
6. EIA for biological terrestrial life
7. EIA for biological aquatic life
8. EIA for human use
9. EIA for quality of life, socio- economic
10. Monitoring process


  • Meaning and introduction to HRM
  • job analysis and job design
  • recruitment and selection of employee
  • training and development
  • performance management/ KPI
  • Compensation and benefits.
  • labor relations
  • management and employee relation
  • general condition of services
  • managing people in workplace system
  • work personalities and management
  • conflict resolution
  • RCA
  • Data analysis


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1. Project Management Plan
2. Project Integration Management
3. Project Scope Management
4. Project Time Management
5. Project Cost Management
6. Project Quality Management
7. Project Human Resources Management
8. Project Communication Management
9. Project Risk Management
10. Project Change Management
11. Project Document Management

MS Project Software Applications
Primavera 6.0 Software Applications

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• Meaning of document and its importance
• Documents & Records
• Documents formats
• Document control systems
• Documents controller roles and responsibilities
• Requirements of a DOC
• Document Identifications
• Documents control values
• Building effective system
• File Management system
• Transmitting documents
• Document control procedures
• QMS/ISO Standards in DCC
• Common problems with document control
• EDMS (Electronic Document Management System)
• MDR (Master Document Register)


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• Introduction to PDMS
• Meaning & Applications
• Philosophy
• Primitive & Attributes
• Getting started with PDMS
• Facility Modeling
• Foundation Modeling for all equipments & Structures
• Modeling of equipments (Horizontal Vessels)
• Modeling of beams & columns; panels and plates
• Project on modeling of pig launcher
• Modeling of Vertical Vessel
• Pipe routing
• Project on modeling of pipeline
• ISO drafting
• Introduction to draft
• HVAC modeling
• Cable tray modeling


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1. Practical Safety Audit/Inspection
2. Industrial Security
3. JHA
4. Permit to Work System
6. First Aid
7. Project Work Report .ETC


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1. Hazard Classification
2. Hazard Standard Definitions
3. Written Hazard Communication Program
4. Labels
5. Safety Data Sheets
6. GHS Pictograms
7. Right to know




AIM: This course is ideal for those who will use the code of practice in workplace and also those who wish to understand best practice in project and construction management, it represent the overall planning, co-ordination and control of a project from inception to completion and aims to meet clients requirement by delivering a project to specification on time and to budget. The program goes further to provide advance industry knowledge and new skills to ensure that construction project are completed on time, within budget, to the appropriate quality standard and to exacting safety requirements.



Project Management framework

  • The meaning of project management
  • Characteristics of construction project phases
  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Project management processes –

Project contracts and legal aspects

Importance of project contracts

  • Contract planning
  • Types of contracts
  • Contracts and risk management

Project planning and scheduling

  • Importance of project planning
  • Principals of Bar Chart technique
  • Network planning techniques(CPM&PERT)

Construction project resource management

  • Equipment planning and selection
  • Equipment production rate and selection
  • Equipment utilization
  • Equipment costing

Construction site and labor management

  • Construction site resource allocation
  • Manpower scheduling
  • Manpower Organization
  • Manpower productivity



Course Outline/
1. Definition of Fire
2. Fire Pyramid (tetrahedron)
3. Classes of fire/fuel
4. Heat transfer
5. Extinguishing agents
6. Stages of fire
7. Fighting fire
8. Reporting fire
9. Practical fire demonstration
10. Case Study Analysis

1. Meaning & Application of Food Handling
2. Food Handling Guidelines
3. Food Poisoning and Causation
4. Good Personal Hygiene
5. Hazard Identification in Food Handling
6. Hazard Control in Food Handling
7. Receiving, Storing & Delivering of Food
8. Food Transportation
9. Appropriate Work Attire
10. Accident Causation and Effects
11. Food Protection
12. Hazard Identification and Control
13. Preventing Food Contamination
14. Fire Safety Relating to Food Handling