• Cost engineering & Total Cost Management (TCM).
  • Cost & Schedule Management – an Engineering Function.
  • Supporting Skills and Knowledge.
  • Process and Functional Skills and Knowledge.
  • The Role of CE’s During the Evaluation Phase.
  • The Role of the CEs during the Basic – Design Phase.
  • CEs’ role in Contractor Selection.
  • The Role of the CEs during Detail Engineering.
  • Role of the CEs during Construction.
  • Basic Cost Engineering Terminology.
  • The Cost Engineers as Part of Project Management.
  • Canon of Ethics for CEs
  • Introduction to Cost Engineering
  • Time Value of Money & Equivalence
  • Depreciation & Taxes



This course is designed to equip participant in the field of costing engineering, estimating, planning scheduling and project management. the course will provide participant with thorough background in the concept of total cost management and cost engineering. the course practical sessions will provide hands on experience on managing cost throughout the life cycle of any enterprise, program, facility, project product or services. learn methodologies and how to prepare proposal, value engineering ideas, claims and budgets.