1. -AutoCAD Basics
  2. -Working with Drawing Aids
  3. -Editing Sketched Objects
  4. -Text and Applications
  5. -Working with Dimensions
  6. -Blocks and Applications
  7. -Working with Hatching
  8. -Advanced CAD for 2D
  9. -Plotting and Applications
  10. -Isometric Practices
  11. -Working with 3D Objects
  12. -Modifying and Editing 3D Objects
  13. -Solid, Mesh, Surface Modelling
  14. -Rendering and Animating Designs
  15. -Project (Assignment) Documentation


This course is aimed at using effectively the many features of AUTOCAD 2D, including commands plotting, cross hatching and pallets, participants will also learn to use effectively the many features of AUTOCAD 3D, including commands, objects and surfaces and solids. the instructor will show participants how to work with dimensions, regions, boundaries, as well as understanding isometrics and view ports, how to manipulate backgrounds, lights, materials and landscaping.