1. Introduction, course orientation, properties of radiation
  2. Natural sources of radiation, common uses, human use of radiation
  3. Basic quantities and units
  4. Radioactive decay fundamentals
  5. Biological effects of radiation
  6. Regulatory dose limits
  7. Midterm examination
  8. Radiation detection & measurement
  9. Emergency response/spill procedures, security of radioactive materials
  10. Performing radiation safety surveys


At the end of this training, the participants should be able to perform the following:-

  1. Radiation protection program management
  2. Liquid scintillation counting fundamentals
  3. Prudent radioactive waste disposal



The primary aim of these course and program are to ensure  that use of radioactive materials is properly managed, to provide for the safety of the user and the environment and also goes further to aid in minimizing radiation exposure to worker, members of the public.