1. Definitions and Terminology – The responsible person. The Rigger, working load limit, safe working load, factor of safety, mass and force units, test and examination, test and thorough examination etc.
  2. The Law Consideration of the requirements of the law under the health and Safety at Work Act, personal liability and legal obligations relating the use of lifting equipment. Includes an explanation of current British and European Law.
  3. Video – ‘Plan your slinging’ A systematic approach to slinging operations.
  4. Force Influences – How to calculate the forces present in slings and other lifting equipment under given loading conditions. Consideration of the ‘uniform load’ and ‘trigonometric rating of slings


This lifting and rigging training will empower delegates with understanding of the legal requirements applicable to lifting and rigging operations, the requirements for pre-use, preventive and planned maintenance, disposal criteria of lifting equipment,  to ensure delegates employ lifting equipment and accessories in compliance with safety standards.

This lifting and rigging training is designed to provide personnel with the knowledge to undertake lifting and rigging operations in an offshore and onshore environment.